Demag AC 700 SSL

Year: 2006

Demag AC 700 SSL

Independent rear axle steering

18 tires, 17.5 instead of the standard 14.00


Luffing jib, length 96 m, convertible into fixed jib 50 m, or into main boom extension 36 m, incl. SLI programming and acceptance
Second hoist drum H2, incl. rope and drum rotation indicator

Tracks and roller guides (quick disassembly of main boom)

Basic information

Ton: 700
Type: AT
Year: 2006
Main Boom: 60m
Jib: 50 - 96m
Stock number:


Lower Hours:
Carrier Engine: OM502LA.E3A/EPA 611HP
Upper Engine: OM 906 LA
Upper Hours:
Gear Box: TF TC Tronic
Axles Config.: 18x8x16
Suspension: Hydro
Chassis: Demag
LMI System: yes
Hook Blocks: type 250 (235 t), 9 sheave, ramshorn hook + type 100 (92 t), 3-sheave, ramshorn hook +type 13.5 (13.
Winch: 2
Counterweight: 100t + 60t
Serial Number:
Other Information:

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