Terex-Demag AC 200-1 *SOLD*

Year: 2008

Terex-Demag AC 200-1

Swing-away rooster sheave; Incl. transport storage; For single-reeving operation

Main boom extension 17.0 m, manual offset 20°/40°; 1-sheaved head; Incl. transport storage; Includes HAV9;

Second hoist drum H2; Spring-loaded multi-disc brake; Incl. quick couplings and transport storage; Self-rigging; Resolver; Enables 2-hook operation with all extensions


10 tires: 16.00


Extra option: Special conditions to meet particular environment conditions (for permanent operation at ambient temperatures above + 40°C upto max. +45°C)


Main Components (such as engine(s); gear; axles, main cylinders, boom) are in 100 % working condition and do not need repair or replacement

No structural damages, deformations or cracks

Slewing ring is within manufacturer’s tolerance

Safe load indicator and safety devices in full working condition

All oils and filters changed

Ropes in original length and not in a discard condition

Country specific test at least valid 6 months after delivery

Crane neutralized (removal of customer lettering and stickers)

Basic information

Ton: 200
Type: AT
Year: 2008
Main Boom: 67.8m
Stock number:


Kilometers: 11.813
Lower Hours: 2.583
Carrier Engine: Daimler 530HP Mot 3a 94/4/EC
Upper Engine: Daimler 231HP Tier3
Upper Hours:
Gear Box: ZF
Axles Config.:
LMI System:
Hook Blocks: 125 + 80 + 12.5
Winch: H1
Counterweight: 69t
Serial Number:
Other Information:

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